Discover the epitome of spooky style with our “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt” – an exclusive MARKETEES STORE find. Unleash the fear with this USA-printed, high-quality sweater featuring the iconic Ghostface mask graphic. Perfect for Halloween or any occasion, wear your love for scary movies proudly. Shop online for this unique, limited-edition sweatshirt available in sizes S-3XL.

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Step into Darkness: The Iconic Ghostface Mask Graphic Sweatshirt

Welcome to the epitome of spooky style – the “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” Dive into a world of nostalgia and fear with this captivating graphic sweatshirt that pays homage to the iconic Ghostface mask. Exclusively available at MARKETEES STORE, this online-only gem is a testament to quality, style, and the enduring allure of the horror genre.

Ghostface Mask Graphic Sweatshirt Elevate your wardrobe with our “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” This chillingly stylish piece showcases the legendary Ghostface mask, a symbol synonymous with suspense and thrills. The intricate graphic design captures the essence of the Halloween mask, making it a must-have for fans of the Scream franchise and anyone who appreciates the darker side of fashion.

MARKETEES STORE Exclusive Available exclusively at MARKETEES STORE, this graphic sweatshirt is a unique addition to our curated collection of high-quality merchandise. As an online-only item, it offers the convenience of easy shopping from the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in the horror vibes of 1996 and make a bold statement with this distinctive sweatshirt that’s sure to turn heads.

Online Only: Unleash the Fear Experience the thrill of online shopping as you explore the exclusive “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” Embrace the darkness and mystery of Ghostface with just a click. This online-only offering ensures that you can own a piece of horror history without leaving your home. Unleash the fear and step into the world of the unknown.

USA Printed High-Quality Sweaters Crafted with precision and care, our sweatshirt is made in the USA, a testament to our commitment to quality. The Ghostface mask graphic is expertly printed on high-quality fabric, ensuring durability and comfort. Elevate your style with this unique piece that combines the best of frightful design and top-notch craftsmanship.

Halloween Mask Ghostface Sweatshirt Prepare to make a statement this Halloween with our “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” Whether you’re heading to a spooky party or just want to channel the spirit of the season, this sweatshirt featuring the Halloween mask Ghostface is the perfect choice. Embrace the eerie vibes and become the center of attention with this iconic piece.

Scream Ghostface: A Timeless Classic Celebrate the legacy of the Scream franchise with this sweatshirt that pays homage to the iconic Ghostface. From the suspenseful scenes to the unforgettable mask, this graphic sweatshirt captures the essence of the scary movie Ghostface, making it a timeless classic for horror enthusiasts and pop culture lovers alike.

Scary Movie Ghostface: Wear Your Fears Let your wardrobe reflect your love for horror with the “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a wearable expression of your appreciation for scary movies and the iconic Ghostface. Wear your fears proudly and showcase your unique style with this sweatshirt that transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion.

Ghostface Pumpkin: A Spooky Twist As the leaves fall and Halloween approaches, add a spooky twist to your wardrobe with the “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt.” The Ghostface pumpkin graphic brings a unique and seasonal touch to the design. Embrace the spirit of the holiday with a sweatshirt that combines horror, style, and a touch of Halloween magic.

Size Chart for Unisex (S-3XL) We understand that comfort and fit are paramount. Refer to the size chart below to find your perfect fit:

Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Hip (inches)
S 34-36 28-30 35-37
M 38-40 32-34 39-41
L 42-44 36-38 43-45
XL 46-48 40-42 47-49
2XL 50-52 44-46 51-53
3XL 54-56 48-50 55-57

Choose your size wisely to ensure the perfect fit for your Ghostface Sweatshirt.

Elevate your wardrobe with the “Horror Vibes 1996 Ghostface Sweatshirt” – a fusion of horror, style, and comfort. Order yours today and embrace the fear in fashion!


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2XL, 3XL, L, M, S, XL


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